Inter-Pub Challenge


Pubs with a minimum of two pool tables and at least six committed players can join the Play More Pool Inter-Pub Challenge.

Many pubs do not have enough tables (or regular players) to justify a team in the provincial leagues, and the IPC is the perfect opportunity to get involved with a larger structure.

The format is a lot less strict than the provincial leagues, and doesn’t require players to make weekly commitments or pay annual membership fees. Participation is always pay-as-you-play, and the rewards are attractive.

After every event, players receive ranking points based on the strength of the participating players (from their player levels) and their finishing positions. 

Teams also receive points based on their top four players’ combined ranking scores. It is therefore possible for the individual winner to come from the losing team.


  • 6 players per team
  • 4 pools of 3 players round robin followed by quarterfinal knockouts (top 2 from each pool qualify)
  • Players are seeded based on levels, but no more than 2 players from each team in a pool
  • Plate semifinals for last-placed players from each pool, to determine final positions
  • All matches except final are single frames
  • Final is played best-of-three frames (race to two)
  • Total of 30 frames per challenge – at 5 frames per hour this means 3 hours on 2 tables


Chris van der Walt
082 924 0359



Wed / Thu nights 19:00 – 22:00 (flexible)



Cost is R50 per player per event (or R300 per team). Of this entry fee a portion goes into a prize pot, which is used for invitational events, which players qualify for through regular participation.


The overall individual winner of each night’s event gets R100 in cash, and qualifies for the IPC Invitational.

Once in more or less every 10 IPC events, an IPC Invitational is held with 12 top players, where the winner gets R400, runner-up R200 and third place R100

The top 4 from this invitational also qualifies for the regional IPC Legends Invitational, which takes place the week after every third IPC Invitational.