Social Series

Posted by Play More Pool Pretoria on Wednesday, 24 July 2019


12 legs followed by Top 16 Final.

Top league & provincial players are excluded.

All legs & final consist of group stages followed by knockouts, with fair seeding system.

Play as independent player OR as team of 2 to 5 players.


Casual, comply to venue standards.


Pubs and clubs with a minimum of eight pool tables can join the Social Series.

The Social Series is aimed at the grassroots of the sport, and NOT the top league players. Many upcoming competitive players would rather not compete if they knew they were up against the best in the province and country, so there is a strict policy to exclude these top players from the competition.

Participation is always pitch-and-play, and no commitment to play every leg is required. A player can play as and when required to bolster their ranking, and will always be assured of a competitive field.

After every event, players receive ranking points based on the strength of the participating players (from their player levels) and their finishing positions.

Teams also receive points based on their top three players’ combined ranking scores. It is possible for a team of only two players to post a competitive score on the team rankings.

Players DO NOT have to join a team. They can play as an independent player OR as a team of 2 to 5 players. However, once they have joined a team they are not allowed to represent another team for the duration of the current series. The best two players from each team on the night score points for their team.


  • 2 to 5 players per team
  • OR play as independent single player
  • Group stages, then knockouts
  • Players are seeded based on levels, and every attempt is made to separate players from the same teams in the group stages.
  • Playoffs for ALL positions. Everyone plays at least four matches, or the next week’s entry is free.
  • All matches except semi-finals and final are single frames.
  • Semi-finals are played best-of-three frames (race to two).
  • Finals are played best-of-five frames (race to three).



Wednesdays 19:00 (for 19:30) – 22:00
Entries close at 19:20

All events are pitch-and-play. NO commitment or pre-booking is required.


Chris van der Walt
082 924 0359



10, 17, 24 & 31 July 2019
7, 14, 21, 28 August 2019
4, 11, 18, 25 September 2019

Rankings uses best 6 scores out of 12 legs


5 October 2019
at Top Team’s Home Venue



10 July 2019 – Old Boys Pool Club,
17 July 2019 – Da Vinci’s Pool Club,
Pretoria Gardens
24 July 2019 – Hunter’s Barn Pool Club,
31 July 2019 – Stones,
7 August 2019 – Patyou Pool Bar,
Pretoria North
14 August onwards – Da Vinci’s Pool Club, 
Pretoria Gardens
21 August 2019 – Hunter’s Barn Pool Club,
28 August 2019 – Stones,
4 September 2019 – TBA
11 September 2019 – TBA
18 September 2019 – TBA
25 September 2019 – TBA


A player whom has EVER had provincial colours at seniors or veterans level is NOT allowed to participate.

2018 or 2019 leagues Actual Win Ratio of:

  • more than 30% in Premier,
  • more than 40% in Super,
  • more than 50% in A-, Veterans or Ladies League

are also NOT allowed to participate.


A percentage of every single entry fee goes into a prize pot. At the end of the series, the prize pot is awarded:

R1,500 for the top team

R3,000 for a Top 16 Final



R50 for men
R30 for ladies / juniors


R60 per person