Top Dog Series

Posted by Play More Pool Pretoria on Wednesday, 24 July 2019


1 Leg every 4 weeks.

Open event, ALL may enter.

All legs consist of group stages followed by knockouts, with fair level-based seeding system.


Pubs and clubs with a minimum of six pool tables can host the Top Dog Competition. There is one leg every 4 weeks.

This series is aimed at the top players of the sport, and NOT the grassroots. Anyone can enter regardless of playing level.

No commitment to play every leg is required. A player can play as and when required to bolster their ranking, and will always be assured of a competitive field. However, to qualify for the season-ending cash prize for top player, it is recommended to play as many legs as possible.

After every event, players receive ranking points based on the strength of the participating players (from their player levels) and their finishing positions.

There is no team element in the Top Dog Series.

The top-ranked player after 10 legs wins a cash bonus prize.


  • Group stages, then knockouts
  • Players are seeded based on levels.
  • Playoffs for ALL positions. Everyone plays at least four matches.
  • Group stage matches are best-of-three (first to 2).
  • Knockout round matches are best-of-five (first to 3).
  • Semi-finals are played best-of-seven (first to 4).
  • Finals are played best-of-nine (first to 5).


Smart dress. Waistcoats preferred, but at least long-sleeve button shirt. NO jeans, NO tekkies, NO tracksuits.



Leg 1: 5 October 2019
Leg 2: 1 February 2020
Leg 3: 2 May 2020
Leg 4: 1 August 2020

Annual winner announced after 4th Leg

Rankings uses best 3 scores out of 4 legs


R200 per person


NO EXCLUSIONS. Everyone can play.


Winner gets a ticket valued at R500 to the Provincial Legends Tournament once every 3 months and R500 in cash.

Runner-up gets R300 in cash.

Top-ranked player after 10 legs wins a cash bonus prize.


Chris van der Walt
082 924 0359